SUNREF’s customized approach offers companies various benefits

Financial gains


  • Access to financing for a range of traditional investments (equipment purchases, upgrading, refurbishment, increase in production capacity, etc.)
  • Financing for up to 100% of the investment cost
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Upgrading of industrial facilities, improvement in productivity
  • Investment premiums
  • Profitable investment projects and access to new markets related to green growth


Technical assistance: support for upgrading

Technical assistance is provided free of charge or at a very low cost thanks to subsidies allocated by the French Government, European Union or other partners.

  • Consultancy to guide investment decisions
  • Assistance to companies for the development of eligible, innovative and profitable green projects
  • Assistance tailored to the size and complexity of the project:
    • For small-scale projects, a wide selection of equipment prequalified by the SUNREF team and available in a database
    • For larger or more complex projects, assistance is provided at all the project stages (loan application, technical-financial assessment of the project, monitoring of implementation, and verification)


Flexibility and availability

  • Simplicity of procedures for loan applications
  • Fast-track approach for small projects
  • Availability of the program for local partner banks

Driver for competitiveness

  • Increased competitiveness thanks to the improvement in the quality of equipment (investments in energy upgrading), combined with cost savings
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Anticipation of future regulations for energy efficiency and environmental protection
    • Compliance with the requirements of international clients
  • Image Enhancement
    • Integration of environmental protection and sustainable development
    • Increased societal recognition
    • Modernization of the company