Customized approach to environmental protection investments

The implementation of environmentally friendly technologies and practices improves the image of a company, its competitive position, as well as compliance with strict environmental regulations, which may be a prerequisite for access to international markets.

In addition, improving health and safety conditions and the use of less harmful solutions preserve the physical capital and health of the company’s staff.


Types of investment

SUNREF loans in the environmental protection sector are available for all projects submitted that meet general criteria and respect the eligibility criteria:

  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Introduction of technologies / techniques that reduce waste and production costs
  • Waste sorting, recycling or reuse as a fuel
  • Use of a more environmentally friendly fuel
  • Introduction of green modern technologies

Project eligibility

All green investment projects for environmental protection that improve the local or global environment, or help to reduce its degradation, are eligible, for example:

  • Reduction in the consumption of natural resources
  • Reduction in the generation of all types of pollution: wastewater, chemical pollution, agriculture
  • Decontamination, waste management solutions

The objective is to achieve a 50% reduction for a specific use or a 20% reduction for an overall use.

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