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Banking on new technology to modernize textile firm and expand capacity

In order to revive its flagging business, Thika Cloth Mills benefited from an AFD / Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) green credit facility. The objective was to replace old machines with more efficient equipment that would improve the energy efficiency and the quality of the production

Thika Cloth Mills is one of Kenya’s leading textile industries. The factory has recently started implementing a global modernization programme with the objective to curve inefficiency in every department. The fully integrated manufacturer, which employs about 700 employees, has begun a process of equipment modernization. Its aim was to reduce its energy, water and chemicals consumption while also cutting costs and waste in order to reduce its environmental impact and increase the quality of its products.

Through SUNREF, AFD’s green finance label, the company received financial and technical assistance to realize its green investments.

The aim of the SUNREF program is to facilitate access to affordable sustainable energy in order to boost green growth, and the fight against global warming.

SUNREF East Africa programme contributed to these objectives by providing access to finance at an affordable cost for the financing of new equipment. Thika Cloth Mills got a loan from CBA, SUNREF partner bank, to finance the first 2 equipment of its modernization plan.

Thanks to AFD’s financing, Thika Cloth Mills set up 2 state-of-the-art equipment: a compressor and a spinning machine with expected energy savings of 25% and a payback period of less than 5 years. The machines will also directly contribute to reduce water and chemical consumption and will increase the quality of the yarns.

Additionnally, due to its close collaboration with farmers and ginners in Kenya, Thika Cloth Mills will promote Kenya’s programme of « Buy Kenya, build Kenya » which focuses on promoting consumption of locally produced goods and raw materials, and support for local producers.

  • With the financial participation of

  • Energy savings 270 MWh/y
  • Emissions savings 167 t eq CO2/y
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