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A solar mini grid to electrify a poultry farm in Benin

In order to cut its diesel consumption and secure its energy supply, the Beninese company PA CONSEILS benefited from the support of the Agence française de Développement (AFD), the French Development Agency, through SUNREF program. Thanks to financial investments and a tailor-made support, PA CONSEILS was able to supply solar energy to its poultry farm

The company Productions Animales Conseils (PA CONSEILS) is a consulting agency in livestock production headquartered in Cotonou. The company recently created in Kpomassè, a city in South-West Benin, a vocational training center and an experimental farm for livestock – especially poultry – production. As the farm is located four kilometers away from energy grid, it required the development of an autonomous and reliable solution to cover its energy needs in a stable and continuous way, in particular to supply its incubators, which must operate 24/7.

To respond to these energy supply needs, and for economic and environmental reasons, PA Conseils decided to invest in an autonomous solar photovoltaic facility to supply electricity to its farm. This project consists in building a 11 kWp rooftop solar power station, in setting up a battery system of 200 Ah (16 batteries), and in building an underground mini grid of 400 meters.

Thanks to SUNREF, PA Conseils benefited from financial and technical support through specialized experts to realize this renewable energy project. Orabank Benin, SUNREF West Africa partner bank, granted a €30,000 credit to finance the building of a photovoltaic mini power station in one of its farms and to cover nearly 80% of the project financial requirements.

In addition to financial support, the experts of SUNREF West Africa technical assistance conducted an overall project assessment: the identification of investment opportunities, the set-up and follow-up of the project, the selection of the most adapted technologies and the follow-up of environmental and social impacts of the investment.

The 11kWp photovoltaic power station will be able to produce around 10,7 MWh of green energy per year. It already supplies energy to the two farm incubators 24/7, which energy needs are evaluated to 9,36 MWh per year. The available energy surplus will supply the other farm installations through the underground mini grid built in the framework of the project.

Thanks to SUNREF West Africa, PA Conseils could acquire quality, efficient energy equipment at attractive conditions and benefited from the support of experts to get advice on its investment selection.

This project contributes to achieve the objectives of SUNREF, AFD green finance label: to facilitate access to affordable sustainable energy in order to ensure the development of a low carbon economy and to contribute to mitigate the causes of climate change.

  • With the financial participation of
  • In partnership with

  • Installed capacity : 11 kWp
  • Production of green energy : 12,3 MWh/year
  • Energy saving : 100 %
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