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A supermarket improves its energy mix in Senegal

In order to improve the energy performance and to cut on the energy expenses of Almadies Casino, Green Yellow Senegal company benefited from the support of Agence Française de Développement (AFD) through SUNREF. Thanks to the financing of Orabank Senegal and a tailor-made support, Green Yellow was able to proceed on green investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy

Green Yellow Senegal company is an Energy Service Company (ESCo) that offers its services, which are a wide range of energy solutions, to professionals. Its main objective is to help its clients reduce their energy bills; the clients share the benefits within a specific time-limit. Green Yellow Senegal is a subsidiary of Green Yellow, which belongs to Casino Group. It numbers today more than 900 energy performance contracts that are run over the world; among them, 130 MWc are solar photovoltaic energy. In the context of an environment that has become very competitive in Senegal, as new distribution groups have entered the national market, with the aim of improving its competitiveness and its CSR policy, Almadies Casino Supermarket signed an energy performance contract with Green Yellow with two objectives: on the one hand, to improve the energy supply to Almadies Casino by setting up a 122 KWc solar photovoltaic system on the mall rooftop; on the other hand, to improve the energy performance of the building by upgrading the energy consumption of lighting and cooling systems (optimization of cold production, installation of doors and cowls on cold production units). On the whole, the green investment can reduce energy expenditure by 35%; among them, 20% account for energy efficiency measures and 15% for photovoltaic panels.

Thanks to SUNREF West Africa, AFD green finance label, Green Yellow benefited from a financial and technical support to realize this energy efficiency and renewable energy project.

Orabank Senegal, SUNREF partner bank in West Africa, allocated a €197,455 credit to the company and covered almost 70% of the project financing needs.

In addition to the financial support, the technical assistance support offered by SUNREF programme experts enabled a global assessment of the project: identification of investment opportunity, conception, follow-up, selection of the most adapted technologies and follow-up of environmental and social impact.

SUNREF West Africa programme enabled both to strengthen the investment structuration through technical assistance, and to facilitate its local financing thanks to dedicated financial resources used by the partner bank.

A system of investment allowances that are granted to project sponsors once the investment has been realized constitutes an additional incentive. That is why SUNREF facilitated the development and the financing of this renewable energy and energy efficiency project in this very innovative sector for banking players in West Africa.

This project contributes to achieve SUNREF objectives: to facilitate access to sustainable and affordable energy in order to ensure the development of a low carbon economy and contribute to tackle the causes of climate change.

  • With the financial participation of
  • In partnership with

  • Reduction of 370 t eq CO2 /y
  • Energy production: 196 000 kWh/y
  • Reduction in energy consumption: 35 %
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