Energy Efficiency

Customized approach to energy efficiency investments

Much of the equipment used in companies is old and inefficient, which is detrimental to their competitiveness. New green equipment and technologies would reduce companies’ energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency, while providing productivity gains.   

Types of investment

SUNREF loans in the energy efficiency sector are available for all submitted projects  that meet general criteria and respect the eligibility criteria, for example:

  • Replacement or upgrading of energy-intensive equipment
  • On-site cogeneration of heat and electricity or trigeneration (heat, refrigeration, electricity)
  • Replacement of boilers (higher quality control systems, energy saving systems, improved insulation, etc.)
  • Installation of a heat recovery unit
  • Thermal insulation of premises
  • Upgrading of existing ventilation / air conditioning systems
  • Implementation of energy management systems or building management systems
  • Replacement of old coolers and compressors

Project eligibility

Projects for green energy efficiency investments are required to meet the following conditions:

  • A reduction of energy consumption of at least 20% compared to standard technologies
  • An internal rate of return (IRR) of at least 10% of savings on energy costs from project upgrading or
  • An IRR of at least 20% of energy efficiency gains for investments involving an increase in the production capacity of at least 50%

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