Submit a project

The diagram below shows the different stages in the implementation of a SUNREF project

SUNREF is based on an active partnership with banks involved in the financing of green projects.

As the procedure and technical assistance vary depending on the geographical area, the loan amount and the level of complexity of the project, we recommend that you contact the partner banks and local teams to submit a project.

1. Application file

  • For a small-scale project, select the equipment in the List of Eligible Equipment and Material (LEEM)
  • Fill in the application form for a SUNREF green loan in the country in question

2. Application to partner bank

  • You need to be a client or select one of the local partner banks participating in the SUNREF program in order to submit the application for a SUNREF green loan to it
  • The bank may request additional information

3. Technical and financial appraisal

Only applies to projects that require specific assistance:

  • SUNREF’s technical assistance conducts a technical and financial appraisal of the project
  • If the project is considered eligible, the technical assistance prepares a project appraisal report to approve the investment and submits it to the bank

4. Verification of solvency

  • In-house verification of the project’s solvency by the bank
  • If the bank’s loan allocation criteria are respected, the project initiator obtains a favorable decision

5. Approval, disbursement, and implementation of project

  • The bank prepares a loan agreement for signing
  • Once the terms have been established between the bank and project initiator, the financing is disbursed for the procurement/installation of the equipment
  • SUNREF’s technical assistance continues to be available to support the monitoring of the implementation of projects that require assistance

6. Payment of investment premium

Eligible projects may receive an investment premium under certain conditions:

  • It is necessary to fill in a specific form and compile the documents attesting that the facilities have been installed
  • All the documents must be submitted to the bank
  • Once the supporting documentation has been checked, the consultant auditor responsible for controls reviews the documents and the installation of the equipment and issues a Certificate of Compliance
  • The bank pays the amount of the investment premium. The percentage varies depending on the project and geographical area